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ISMS - Elliot Bild & The Zone

Elliot Bild - ISMS Cover

ISMS is the soon to be released CD from Philadephia-based trumpeter, Elliot Bild & The Zone. The album features all original compositions that are dialed in to highlight the unique instrumentation and voice of each musician involved. Together, through their collective sound and in the moment improvisation, they fell into an environment all their own. 


Master bassist, Mike Boone describes the music as "A nice balance of things learned in the classroom and on the bandstand in real time performance. I’m taken to a special place, or ‘zone’ where there is a lot of honesty, humility, and hard swing in each tune. A musical ‘zone’ that is full of optimism, idealism, individualism, and spiritualism. My favorite ‘ism’ is ‘prism’. A prism deals with light, and reflects it in various ways. Elliot’s music is like a prism, where all the players shine, at different times, or all together, depending on how the light strikes it."


Elliot Bild - 2B


Originally from Chicago, trumpeter, educator and composer Elliot Bild got his undergraduate degree from Western Michigan University, where he studied with Scott Cowan, Andrew Rathbun and Edward Simon. In spring of 2018, he received his Masters Degree from Temple University, where he studied with John Swana, Terell Stafford and Dick Oatts. Recently, he has performed with the great bassist, Mike Boone at Smalls Jazz Club in NYC as well as the 2019 Philadelphia Center City Jazz Festival, as part of his new working quintet.


Bild has also performed with such people as Orrin Evans and the Captain Black Big Band, Don Braden, John Swana, Duane Eubanks, Tim Warfield Jr., Norman David and The Eleventet, Conrad Herwig, Steve Beskrone, Bill Jolly and Pablo Batista. Bild has performed at such venues as Chris’s Jazz Cafe, South Jazz Kitchen, The Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts, Clifford Brown Jazz Festival, and The Litchfield Jazz Festival among others. Elliot Bild appears on recent releases by bassist Richard Hill, organist Lucas Brown and bassist Nicholas Krolak  He has also participated in multiple Philadelphia Jazz Project events with band leaders Victor North, Ben Singer and NickLombardelli.


PJP: Can you briefly describe your musical direction?

Elliot Bild - 2Elliot Bild: I have always been on a quest to find my own sound on the trumpet. That is what led me to Philadelphia, and in turn, a new path for my original music. I first came to this city with a focus on creative music but also a love for swing. After spending years in the culture here, my focus began to shift and I began to realize that a balance of these two concepts would be essential to finding my own voice. Above all, I want the music I create to be relatable. This to me entails groove and pulse, a singable melody and intensity while still including everything I hear. I think this debut recording finds an even balance that molds perfectly with not only my quest to find my own sound, but the values of each musician involved with this project. My next goal is to build on what we've accomplished and our musical direction will follow suit. 


PJP: What and whom are pivotal musical influences on your creative approach?


Elliot Bild: My first musical influences were through records. still is! Other than a mixtape from my middle school teacher, Miles Davis', "Kind of Blue," plus "Clifford Brown & Max Roach" were it for me! I think as I began to dive more into the culture, and the process of learning this music, the places I've lived have had a profound effect on my musical direction. Whether that be learning about creative music and improvisation in Michigan, or diving more into the history and becoming comfortable with my voice on the trumpet here in Philadelphia. 


I Elliot Bild - 4think the people in each community are a key component too. I had extremely inspiring teachers while in my youth, and that began to elevate as I went through school. I've been afforded many opportunities to play with world class musicians. Each one has had a profound effect on me. I learn something new every time and I really think that shapes my musical decision making. 



PJP: Tell us about your most recent CD project?? Why is it important?


Elliot Bild: This first album is a true milestone for me. This is the first recording of my music that I really love. I think the name of our band holds its own weight with this music. We are able to use different moods and textures that are unique to the instrumentation to push the music in the right direction. There are some really beautiful musical moments that I feel only could have happened that particular night. There's much more to be explored with our improvisation....both compositionally and in the moment. To me, that's really exciting!


In the midst of a serious pandemic, music is even more essential than a lot of people realize. Releasing art is crucial, and I'm happy to have my first one ready during such a difficult and tough year. 


Elliot Bild - 3


PJP: Who performs on this project with you?


Elliot Bild: The Zone is comprised of;


    ▪      Elliot Bild – Trumpet
    ▪      Michael Hudson-Casanova – Alto Saxophone
    ▪      Benjamin Karp – Guitar
    ▪      Steven Perry – Vibraphone
    ▪      Nicholas Salcido – Bass
    ▪      Gusten Rudolph – Drums


With special guests: 

    ▪      James Santangelo - Piano
    ▪      Nicholas Lombardelli - Trombone


In addition to these amazing voices, the liner notes are written by one of my mentors, Mike Boone. Liner Notes in my opinion are essential and to have Mike write them for The Zone is truly special.


PJP: If folks want to find out more about this CD, how might they do that?

Elliot Bild: I would encourage people to check out my WEBSITE and send me a message! I love having conversations about music. It would be my pleasure to connect with whoever is reading this. You can also purchase the CD on BANDCAMP.


PJP: Why Jazz? When you could be doing anything else, Why this music?


Elliot Bild: Because I love it. Being able to express myself through Jazz, Black American Music, Creative Music, Social Music....whatever you'd like to call it, is an extremely special gift. It has given me a chance to try and explain the unexplainable. A way to convey thoughts, emotions and life experiences in a way that is unlike anything else. It has given me joy and love that I never thought I'd be able to attain.


Elliot Bild - 1


ISMS by Elliot Bild & The Zone is available on CD and as digital download HERE and at BANDCAMP.


Elliot Bild ISMS Trio Design


You can keep up with Elliot Bild's creative activities by checking him out on SOUNDCLOUD, INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE or via his WEBSITE.


You can also find Elliot Bild's work on this FREE Philadelphia Jazz Project Mixtape: SUMMER SOUNDS 2018 - VICTOR NORTH MIXTAPE.




Check Out Elliot Bild In Action In These Videos:






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Philadelphia Jazz Project is a sponsored project of the Culture Trust | Greater Philadelphia, with funding provided by The Philadelphia Foundation.