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Monnette Sudler Guitar Summit - Nine Lives

9th Phila Guitar Summit - Monnette


Monnette Sudler’s 9th Annual Philadelphia Guitar Summit

May 12th, 2018 at 2:00 - 4:00PM / Doors Open at 1:00PM

World Café Live

3025 Walnut Street

Philadelphia, PA 19104  

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Some people believe that The Nine Lives Myth is related to cats' ability to always land on their feet. Cats are also known for their dexterity and agility. Over time, people witnessed cats survive in situations that surely would have severely injured other animals.


For nine amazing years, Grammy nominated composer/jazz guitarist, Monnette Sudler has nimbly and brilliantly presented her Annual Philadelphia Guitar Summit.  Much like a cat, this annual event has survived, endured and survived against remarkable odds. This all speaks to the talent, vision and commitment of its creator and founder.


Monnette Sudler, who began her career in the tradition of avant-garde Jazz, is a Philadelphia music institution. She built a reputation of innovation playing with artists like, Sunny Murray, David Murray, Khan Jamal/ Sound of Liberation and Byard Lancaster. She has also worked with Hugh Masekela, Grover Washington Jr., Sonia Sanchez, Odean Pope, Steve Turre and Kirk Whalum among others. She is featured on dozens of CD’s including her highly acclaimed Other Side of the Gemini featuring, Grover Washington and Reggie Workman. Monnette Sudler is a recipient of the Leeway Foundation - Transformation Award and the 2012 and 2013 Clef Club - Guitarist of the Year Award.


PJP recently spoke with Philadelphia-area, guitarist and composer, Monnette Sudler about her work and her upcoming 9th Annual Guitar Summit.


PJP: What have you been up to these days?


Monnette Sudler: Well, I recently released a new CD; Monnette Sudler & Barry Sames - Live In Japan available at CD Baby Online. Outside of that, I have primarily been concentrating on this, my 9th Philadelphia Guitar Summit coming up on May 12th.


Sonny Troy

PJP: As you mentioned, this is the 9th year of the Guitar Summit. Like a cat it's had an agile life span. How do you think it's managed to stay afloat and remain brilliant, yet not get the support that it truly deserves?


Monnette Sudler: Keeping the Philadelphia Guitar Summit alive and brilliant is a labor of love and enthusiasm for the diversity of stringed instruments, specifically for the guitars. The diversity in styles is often determined by cultural influences. I feel it is another way to be informed about social issues and how it effects our music. Also to recognize the fact that music is integrated. Yes. You can look at it superficially. It’s entertaining, possibly unique to some, but if you research it, you’ll find it holds deeper nuances. Making it happen each year is exciting, stressful and in the end, fulfilling and amazing.


The Leeway Foundation, Montgomery County Community College, Clef Club, Spaulding Entertainment, Trapeta B Mayson, Larry Hilton & Friends of Bellevue Gallery in Trenton, Stacey Swigart, Lorene Carey/Art Sanctuary, Germaine Ingram, WRTI, Fern Bodkin and Philadelphia Jazz Project have assisted me on different levels to help manifest my vision. This year, I have to say my son, Erik Honesty has given his Momma much needed pep talks; reminding me that I have always risen for a challenge. I am very grateful for their support and the support of those who attend.

PJP: Can you briefly describe your direction, your goals, as the creator/producer of the Guitar Summit? Why is it important?


Monnette Sudler: As a child my mother never wanted me to play the guitar and admittedly blocked me from my desire to learn. She loved music, but she did not want me to become a rock and roll guitarist. As I grew older, I was able to show her the varied styles and diversity of guitar music which changed her thinking. My goal is to introduce listeners to varied styles of guitar music, though my focus is jazz I am all inclusive presenting, flamenco, classical, heavy metal, Japanese inspired songs, steel guitar, blues, slide guitar, bass, 8 string guitar and traditional jazz.

Doug CarnPJP: What and whom inspired you to take on this immense task?


Monnette Sudler: This is the 9th year for Monnette Sudler’s Philadelphia Guitar Summit. For years the guitar has been used in advocating for social change. In these current times I felt people need to be reminded how important music is in highlighting social issues. I have selected artists and music based on this premise. Doug Carn who is a pianist/composer is more than experienced in sharing the stage with jazz guitarists. His music has always been about social change and awareness. The nature of free and funky jazz, as Jamaaladeen Tacuma calls it, I believe is an expression of artists rebellion against the norm. Diane Monroe, Ghettosongbird and myself representing women’s contributions. My song titled, Time For A Change from my first SteepleChase recording is now current again and currently available. We will celebrate diversity, using our voices and instruments to effect change snd definitely acknowledge mothers as we prepare to celebrate Mother’s Day.

PJP: You mentioned a few folks participating in the Guitar Summit, but tell us some more about the upcoming the event and the people working with you.


Monnette Sudler: This year, the theme for the 9th Guitar Summit is Strumming for Social Change. The guitar has often been an instrument of change for those advocating for peace and civil rights. This concert will bring traditional, bluesy, free and funky Jazz to the World Cafe Live and will be an opportunity to remind us to use our instruments and voices for change.

I'll present my sextet featuring the legendary pianist and arranger, Doug Carn, as well as Diane Monroe - violin, Lee Smith - bass, Byron “Wookie” Landham - drums and V. Shayne Frederick - vocals. We will also feature special guest and master guitarist; Sonny Troy.

Also on board is the phenomenal bassist, Jamaaladeen Tacuma and The NU’TRUTH.

Jamaaladeen Tacuma - electric bass Guitar, vocals
Chris DiPinto - electric guitar, vocals
GhettoSongBird - electric guitar, vocals
Tony Catastrophe - Drums, vocals


Jamaaladeen Tacuma

PJP: You created this by yourself, correct? You are not an institution. We at PJP know how difficult taking on this important work can be. There's always something else to do. What kinds of support can the community give to help with the effort and its ongoing success?


Monnette Sudler: Yes. I created the Philadelphia Guitar Summit. Raising funds is difficult. I am fortunate to have received support from The Leeway Foundation several years in the past. My friends and colleagues continue to be supportive. But it is not easy. It's even more difficult, when you are not a non-profit, like myself.


I need financial support to continue to grow. Recording, documentation, photography, printed material brochures, ideas for presentations, venues for workshops and artist fees. These expenses are constant and fund raising is a necessity.


Yes. The Guitar Summit is agile and we have survived for nine, fascinating years. But, we really do need your help.


Monnette Sudler 2


People interested in contributing can contact me at:

My email:
Toll Free: 1-877-542-9491

To Contribute to The Philadelphia Guitar Summit, Click Here:



PJP: What advice would you give to your audiences coming to The Guitar Summit to assist with greater understanding and enjoyment of this project?


Monnette Sudler: People coming to The Guitar Summit for the first time should have an open mind and ear. The idea is to sample a taste of musical diversity. Eight string guitarist Toson Abasi, classical guitarist Nickolay Gavlishin, Flamenco Guitarist Carlos Rubio, Mulebone, and many more have performed at The Guitar Summit. Each year gets better and better. Jazz guitarists like, Pat Martino, Larry Coryell, Jimmy Bruno and Sheryl Bailey have performed. Most people are very happy and excited for the new musical experience in addition to the familiar. I must proudly say, many people return, and look forward to coming each year.


Monnette Sudler’s 9th Annual Philadelphia Guitar Summit

May 12th, 2018 at 2:00 - 4:00PM / Doors Open at 1:00PM

World Café Live

3025 Walnut Street

Philadelphia, PA 19104  

To Purchase Tickets: Click Here


Keep up with Monnette Sudler and her upcoming events here: Monnette Sudler


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Philadelphia Jazz Project is a sponsored project of the Culture Trust | Greater Philadelphia, with funding provided by The Philadelphia Foundation.