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Road To Merida - Part 1 - Elliott Levin

In May of 2013, Philadelphia saxophonist and poet, Elliott Levin set off on a brief musical tour. He was traveling to perform in Cha'ak'ab Paaxil: Festival of Improvisation, Free Jazz & Noisiness, which takes place in the beautiful city of Merida, Mexico. Levin was going to jam and collaborate with some old and new friends. On the way, he would first stop in Dallas, Texas to do some playing and brainstorming with record company owner and avant garde trumpeter, Dennis Gonzalez. What follows is a sort of poetry, photo, video, musical journal of his trip.


Philadelphia, May 14, 2013

Left Philly. Landed in Dallas, met by Stefan- drummer/brother/son of the Dallas/Gonzalez Dyna-mic-sty...

To be later joined by bassist/brother Aaron...Trumpeter/father Dennis, and graciously led, fed, and hosted by mother/wife Carol... in whose home we were adjourned to the Spirit (Air-flown) room...

South X South West...recording session...joined by decoded society of guitarist/neighbor Greg...

Earlier, en route, we stopped by the Exposition Park loft-y environs where both The Amsterdam Bar (where we will perform tomorrow- hopefully inaugurating a wed. night improv series), and Stefan's shared loft preside- amidst wide walled rows of galleries, store front theaters, murals, and bars...

A soft Texas greens and herb bound landing at hand for the inauguration of the cutest, flutist, nudist, Buddhist, Judas Priest Clan Band.


Behind Bar Dallas
Mural wall of Stefan Gonzalez's loft, behind Amsterdam Bar in Dallas.


Dennis and StephanDennis & Stefan Gonzalez - recording session in home studio.

Elliott Levin & Aaron Gonzalez in the studio.


A Soft Texas Greens & Herb-bound landing,
 at hand for the inauguration of the cutest,
  nudist, flutist, Buddhist, Judas Priest
   Clan Band...
spawned and panned out, just like we
 planned... it.
                     Past Zen, Good Times,
  Here 'Tis Cafe Society hospitality...
   Inebriety an in-formality...sur-real-
    estated in in-definite finality...
     for the record (session) less-on...
      than out... more-off... than in
       (or out) of doubt...
        (the old) manu-charts and scripts
       bait and switch trick spun from Rotund-Ah!
      Name-called-out-fame, all in vain... 'cause as
       yet to arrive and maintain a physical
        vibrational presence... leaves me
         with a free sense of wonder...
          blunder, pre-ordained plot laid
           assunder... un-blocked/blog
            funder- provides just
             the same.



Dallas, May 14, 2013

Watch: Recording Session in Gonzalez Home Studio

Elliott Levin in Dallas: Fifth Song from Dennis Gonzalez on Vimeo.


Dallas, May 15, 2013

Presented for "One Thought" after school music program-
in Oak Cliff- right next door to the "Texas Theater"...
Now showing the newest, darkest Star Trek...
and being the very spot where one Lee Harvey Oswald
was copped by the "Big D."P.D., back in 1963, allegedly
walking from a distant (at even a) fast paced 90 minute walk
in 30 minutes, from the Dealey Plaza Book Depository scene of the crime.
Not to mentionendless bridal and Quinceano gown shops, and a pungent
tropical pet shop stop- complete with copulating cockatiels in the front cage row-
front row seat- for a voyeuristic treat.

Got 1st ever text message tornado storm alert from Sprint (red highlighted: !URGENT: Imminent Threat - Extreme - Emergency Alerts)...
arriving upon the "Wham! Bam!" thank you Amsterdam Bar
(coat-ed of many shades, tastes, and colors)... where
a round-robin of head bobbin' note worthy words
and notes were displayed out loud in spontaneous
eternal combustion...engines... Germin-gyr-ating
the power to blow back un-named and claimed
tornados... away... in a cloud... of sonic dust.


Dallas, May 15, 2013

Performances On Audio:






shot 4


Photography by Alisa Eykilis



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