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DivaNation Equinox Concert

Divanation EquinoxWomen’s Coalition for Empowerment

Presents DivaNation: An Equinox Night to Remember
Friday, September 23rd 9pm -11pm (Doors 8:30 pm)
Alma Mater - 7165 Germantown Ave., Philadelphia

TICKETS ($10 online; $15 at door)



PJP: DivaNation has an upcoming show scheduled for this September.  Can you tell me more about this event?

Women’s Coalition for Empowerment (WCE): We're very excited for the upcoming Equinox event. There will be amazing Olympic-like vocal gymnastics --- I'll start with a Philadelphia local legend, Ella Gahnt, a powerhouse sensation Jakeya Saunders, Jazz prowess Khadijah Renee and our very own Vocussioness (vocal percussion) Bethlehem Roberson. The band for the evening will feature Nimrod Speaks on bass, Adam Faulk on keys and Sadayah Roberts on Drums.  The Master of Ceremonies hosting will be none other than V. Shayne Frederick.


Fun fact about this event is that it's happening during the Autumn Equinox and also the same day of the birth of the late Jazz saxophone sensation, John Coltrane, not sure we could've timed this any better.  Additional surprise guest appearances will take place during the event, as well as giveaways and a raffle.  Tickets are on sale $10 online, $15 at the door, the day of the event via links to the following: Eventbrite, The Women's Coalition for Empowerment website and on Facebook.  This is an event you don't want to miss! Stay tuned ---there is so much more to come.

PJP: Do you mind our inquiring into DivaNation's process for securing funding and then for preparing for a show?  Specifically what is involved, and how do you and the Diva's work together to help make this show a success?

WCE: We don't want to give away all the trade secrets, but we raise money through the contributions of our generous supporters. Many proceeds have also been generated from ticket sales from events, merchandise, sponsorships, and small donations. We hope to bring more awareness of this collaboration with intent to further our cause to revitalize the collective female presence in the Jazz community.

PJP: Shekinah, as the Executive Director of Women’s Coalition for Empowerment, what made you decide to have your nonprofit organization sponsor DivaNation?


WCE: After seeing the first show, learning more about the group and of course the sisterhood. DivaNation exemplifies the mission of The Women's Coalition for Empowerment which is, dedicated to educating, uniting, and empowering women, and the rest is history. DivaNation literally embodies the organization's mission and now we have a satisfying collaborative partnership.

PJP: To date what have you found most rewarding about your involvement with DivaNation?


WCE: What I have found most rewarding about my involvement with DivaNation has been performing with the collective.


PJP: How would you like to see DivaNation grow and develop/evolve moving forward?


WCE: I would like to see DivaNation grow by way of securing more sponsorships and funding for performances, workshops, general operations and of course increase membership.
PJP: What has been, or continues to be the greatest challenge you face or have faced in sponsoring and helping lead DivaNation?    

WCE: The greatest challenge faced in sponsoring the DivaNation collective is having ideas larger than the current resources, however, we still intend to accomplish those goals at a time when we have the appropriate supports, funding, and opportunities. We are thankful to Philadelphia Jazz Project for birthing us and for giving us seed funds to continue our journey.

PJP: Finally, how can we learn more about DivaNation and about The Women's Coalition for Empowerment?

WCE: You can find more information on DivaNation by way of The Women's Coalition for Empowerment. Also, you can like us on FaceBook, or follow us on Twitter, and links to our YouTube pages are also on the website. For additional information email us at Also Phila Jazz Project has lots of DivaNation background info on their blog.


Women’s Coalition for Empowerment

Presents DivaNation: An Equinox Night to Remember
Friday, September 23rd 9pm -11pm (Doors 8:30 pm)
Alma Mater - 7165 Germantown Ave., Philadelphia

TICKETS ($10 online; $15 at door)



Shekhinah B: WCE Executive Director: (708) -792-3462


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