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Welcome to Philadelphia Jazz Project

For Artists Only #1


If you are reading this, you are probably are a Jazz musician, another type of creative artist, friend, or supporter of one.


Welcome to the Artists Only page. This page will feature news, resources and opportunities for Philadelphia-based Jazz musicians and other artists working w/ Jazz musicians or the music.


One of the most important things that can happen for a local artist is the opportunity to work out in the broader world. Engagement with venues and audiences in a far away place give important value to any artist's work, lifting spirits, stimulating creativity, inspiring new ideas, teaching important lessons and reaffirming that the work one slaves over is indeed meaningful and marketable. Most important, the traveling artist serves as an advertisement for themselves and their community. How they perform and conduct themselves gives their community important ambassadors. Philadelphia artists in particular, can and have benefited immensely from their globetrotting.


To assist our local Jazz artists to participate fully in the global cultural marketplace, PJP will provide Travel Grants starting in January 2014. This support is particularly designed for first time travelers or younger artists with little or no international experiences, as well as for older artists who have not traveled in a while and find it difficult to get travel support.


This is not for artists who already have opportunities and a track record off performing outside of the region. Students are not eligible. We will give grants up to $1,000, averaging just about one each month to individuals or groups from January until August 2014. Applications must be received on the deadline dates. Decisions will be made on the last day of each month.


Application Deadlines:
    ▪    January 25th***
    ▪    February 15th
    ▪    March 15th
    ▪    April 15th
    ▪    May 15th
    ▪    June 15th
    ▪    July 15th
    ▪    August 15th


There is no official application form. All interested parties should write a brief letter/application answering the following…

    ▪    Name, address, phone and email of individual or group
    ▪    Brief bio of individual or group
    ▪    Reason for travel and why you need assistance?
    ▪    When and how are you traveling?
    ▪    Where and when are you performing/presenting?
    ▪    In what city/town, state or country is this place located?
    ▪    What is their website and who is your contact there?
    ▪    How much do you need?


All PJP Travel Aid applications must be sent via email to the email address - Applications must be received before 12:00 AM on the deadline dates. No land mail applications will be considered. For more information, please feel free to contact us at



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Philly Jazz Quotes

The stuff McCoy Tyner did was earth-shattering for me. The modal thing, the way he voiced chords in fourths, the way he used the pentatonic scale -- all those things were very new.
Kenny Barron

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Philadelphia Jazz Project is a sponsored project of the Culture Trust | Greater Philadelphia, with funding provided by The Philadelphia Foundation.