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Love Sustains

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Love Notes is a special Valentine's Day performance inspired by John Coltrane's classic Jazz ballad, “Naima.” Written in 1959 released on the album Giant Steps, and named after his then-wife, Juanita Naima Grubbs. Using this monumental composition as a catalyst, Love Notes will present an engaging exploration of love, understanding, commitment, passion and song led by Music Director, V. Shayne Frederick and supported by James Solomon. We asked these gentlemen about their work and this upcoming event, Love Notes.

PJP: Describe your musical direction.

James Solomon: I am truly influenced by any artist from any genre that comes across as genuine. I am a storyteller and I search for any musical backdrop that transports the listener to the scene of the action.


V. Shayne Frederick: My concerns are resonance, flow and integrity. Music from the soul, in context, speaks to the soul. It feels genuine and poignant, and will catch the attention of the people. Jazz is the chosen love language.


James Solomon: I try to incorporate every musical artifact I have ever heard with respect to style to authenticate my stories, which come from the same set of experiences or observations as my music. 

shaybe1 PJP: What inspires you?

V. Shayne Frederick: I'm inspired by real stories and relevant messages. We know the truth when we experience it. It hits harder and goes deeper.

James Solomon: I am inspired by great performances. There are those pin drop moments that morph into a crescendo of loud approval. This occurs when the performer and the audience have reached a complete emotional understanding.

PJP: What is this upcoming project/performance about?

James Solomon: On February 14th Valentine's Day, we will be doing the Love Notes Concert. Love Notes will examine the motivation for feeling some kind of way... “good to great” or “bad to sad”, but never indifferent.

V. Shayne Frederick: We're creating a electric blanket of sound: music to, for, and about the love we've experienced, individually and collectively.

James Solomon: This is going to be a hot night in February.

sol 1
PJP: Why is it important?

V. Shayne Frederick: Love sustains. It beautifies. It nourishes. It must always be remembered and practiced.

James Solomon:  Many of the recent musical narratives on the airwaves have examined the material side of life. We thought we would provide an evening that focused on feelings. “Love Notes” is important because relationships are important and this will be one night  that is dedicated to relationships.
V. Shayne Frederick: Valentine's Day is one of those moments we set aside to honor the tie that binds. It's a perfect day for a perfect tribute.


Love Notes: A Special Valentine's Day Concert

Saturday, February 14th at 7:30pm

Arch Street Meeting House

320 Arch St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106


love notes narrowBand Members include:
V. Shayne Frederick - piano & voice
Michael Andrews - voice
C. Young - voice
Jacob Winterstein - poet
Jeff Scull - guitar
Elizabeth Steiner - harp
Tony Jones - bass
Darry Jackson - drums


Tickets are just $25 ;more at the door] and include parking and refreshments. Vendors will also be available for Valentine gifts.


V. Shayne Frederick is a North Carolina bred pianist, vocalist and poet. He began his formal musical study at Dartmouth College, and then later in Philadelphia with the legendary organist, pianist, composer and vocalist, Trudy Pitts. He has performed at a multitude of venues over the last decade:  including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Barnes Foundation, SugarHouse Casino and many others. Frederick's remarkable singing voice has been called “the very sound of remembering.”
James Solomon is a native Philadelphia songwriter, who began his career through collaborations with 1960s R&B singer and songwriter Eddie Holman. They co/wrote top hundred songs: “This Can’t Be True”, “Don’t Stop Now”, and ‘ Stay Mine for Heaven’s Sake”. Solomon’s longest collaboration has been with musician, songwriter, and producer Alfie Pollitt. They have done countless songs in many genres and most recently, co-authored the original music for the play “3 Divas 3” with playwright, Karen Smith.

Produced by Philadelphia Jazz Project with V. Shayne Frederick and James Solomon.

The Philadelphia Jazz Project is a sponsored project of the Painted Bride Art Center, with funding provided by The Wyncote Foundation.

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Philadelphia Jazz Project is a sponsored project of the Culture Trust | Greater Philadelphia, with funding provided by The Philadelphia Foundation.