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Re-Imagining Interstellar Space

Interstellar Space Cover

In September of 2016, Philadelphia Jazz Project [PJP] and a group of collaborators presented nine days of free events celebrating the 90th birthday of the legendary Philadelphia Jazz artist, John Coltrane. Of the many events that took place, one was very special. We asked two artists, tenor saxophonist, Terry Lawson and drummer, Alan Nelson to take on the challenge of interpreting Coltrane’s groundbreaking, 1967 album, entitled, "Interstellar Space.”


This album, much like his 1959 classic, "Giant Steps" marked a creative shift for Coltrane personally and for the music, generally. Interstellar Space presents an unrelenting, torrent of sound produced by a duo of just John Coltrane on tenor axophone and percussion and Philadelphian, Rashied Ali on drums. Many critics and fans alike were uninterested in Coltrane's new direction. However, many young musicians all around the world were fascinated with the energy and the freedom that this new approach provided and would follow suit, expanding on many of Coltrane's ideas during the 1970s.


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Now, let's fast forward almost 50 years, to Saturday afternoon, September 17th, 2016, in East Fairmount Park, Philadelphia. Just walking distance from The John Coltrane House, Lawson and Nelson, joined by Gerald Roberts on bells and percussion and additional support of tenor saxophonist, Elliott Levin, re-imagined Coltrane’s, “Interstellar Space” for the Jazz Walk-Giant Steps event of the Coltrane At 90: Philadelphia Celebrates John Coltrane festivities. Right there, in front of an appreciative audience, they carefully studied and then, presented each tune with all of the energy and inventive fire associated with the original music.


PJP is proud to share the music created by these genetlemen that afternoon in the mixtape, Re-Imagining Interstellar Space. The compositions are as follows:

1. Mars

2. Venus

3. Jupiter

4. Saturn

5. Leo


All written by John Coltrane.


The individuals featured in the recording are: Terry Lawson: Tenor Saxophone, Alan Nelson: Drums; with additional suport by Gerald Roberts: Bells, Percussion; Elliott Levin: Tenor Saxophone.


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If you have unfortunately, missed our concerts, or don't live any where near us, our mixtapes give you a chance to experience the great performances that hundreds of other people have witnessed. Probably, the most important thing is that the price of this music is absolutley FREE!!! So, check it out and pass the word to friends and family who are music lovers as well.


Download the Re-Imagining Interstellar Space Mixtape


Downloading: To download, click the download links below, when page with audio appears, let it download to your browser and then go to File/Save Page As... Be sure to save file as mp3.


Re-Imagine Interstellar Space MixtapeRE-IMAGINING INTERSTELLAR SPACE

February 2017


Music written by John Coltrane and  Performed by Terry Lawson: Tenor Sax, Alan Nelson: Drums, Gerald Roberts: Bells & Percussion, Elliott Levin: Tenor Sax.


Duration: 51 minutes

File Size: 74 MB


You can also download PJP Mixtapes at:

audiomack mixcloud


Following the music, the mixtape features a conversation with musicians Terry Lawson and Alan Nelson.

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Terry LawsonTerry Lawson is a Philly-based tenor saxophonist who is among the legendary Philly avant-garde pioneers. Coming to his own in the 1960s, the slow disappearance of opportunity caused Lawson to find himself working at the U.S. Post Office while trying to master his instrument. 20 years later, after retiring from the Post Office, Lawson puts his full energy into his music. Throughout his career, he has played with the Sun Ra Arkestra, is a founding member of the Sonic Liberation Front, has performed with Keith DeStefano, Raymond A. King, Tyrone Hill, Odean Pope Saxophone Choir and many others






Website | Booking Contact | Facebook | TwitterSoundCloud



Alan NelsonAlan Nelson is a Philly drummer, saught out for his intense energy and hyper-sensitivity. Nelson was influenced by drummers such as Art Blakey, Philly Joe Jones and Max Roach. With over 40 years experience, Nelson has performed at hundreds of club dates and concerts with artists such as James Moody, Shirley Scott, Sonny Stitt, and Cecil McBee. His career includes more than a decade of work with trumpeter and composer Hannibal Lokumbe. Nelson is also a longtime member of The Forerunners; a musical collective developed by legendary bassist, Jymie Merritt. This 40+ year old, ensemble, is dedicated to the preservation and performance of Merritt's little known, but influential compositions and musical theories.





Group Website | Facebook


Re-imagining Interstellar Space was recorded live at East Fairmount Park in September 2016 and edited at Lynasha Studios. This mixtape is a production of The Philadelphia Jazz Project; which is a sponsored project of Culture Works|Greater Philadelphia, with funding provided by The Wyncote Foundation.


Special Thanks: Kathryn Ott Lovell - Commissioner: Philadelphia Parks & Recreation, Kelly Lee - Chief Cultural Officer: Philadelphia Office of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy, Chip Powell, Steve Rowland, Karen Smith, Bill Johnson, Kevin Diehl, Lynn Washington, J. Michael Harrison, James Solomon, Asha Jackson, Julia Lopez, Melissa Talley Palmer and Stephanie Seiple.




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Philadelphia Jazz Project is a sponsored project of the CultureWorks | Greater Philadelphia, with funding provided by The Wyncote Foundation.


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Philadelphia Jazz Project is a sponsored project of the Culture Trust | Greater Philadelphia, with funding provided by The Philadelphia Foundation.