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For the Love of Germantown

For the Love of Germantown   Philadelphia is home to strong musical traditions like Jazz, Gospel, DooWop, R&B, Rock and Hiphop. Our greatest strength has been the unexpected and wonderful blending and swirling of these traditions into new and fascinating musical creations. One place where this magic happens is Germantown. This community   Read More....

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Jazz In Them There Hills

Arlene Hilton is a lifelong Jazz fan, in love with the music of the Great American Songbook. Like many who grew up in that golden era, she dreamed of singing those great songs accompanied by awesome musicians. Her dreams were put off to go to college and then, to have a work career and family. But sometimes, our joy has a way of following us. Now   Read More....

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Philly Jazz Quotes

The stuff McCoy Tyner did was earth-shattering for me. The modal thing, the way he voiced chords in fourths, the way he used the pentatonic scale -- all those things were very new.
Kenny Barron

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