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Welcome to Philadelphia Jazz Project

Announcing Sun Ra Mixtape # 7

Mixtape 7 Sun Ra

We have arrived at the seventh of seven mixtapes in our Sun Ra Mixtape Series. In the fall of 2014, Philadelphia Jazz Project [PJP] developed a unique challenge for DJs, producers, electronic musicians, turntablists, singers, poets, and/or rappers, as well as solos by instrumentalists to honor the immeasurable imaginative genius of the late Philadelphia, visionary musician, philosopher, composer and band leader, Sun Ra [1914 to 1993].


It has been a remarkable journey that has opened us up to new possibilities, new relationships, new collaborations and most important, new music. About 100, plus, years ago, the being, who was once Herman Poole Blount, introduced us to the music of the future. We are still catching up with it, today. These mixtapes testify to Sun Ra's enduring influence and our desire to travel to the realms he once explored.


We now present, PJP Mixtape Series - Sun Ra Edition Vol 7, featuring music by Raymond A. King, Matthew Clayton, Nasir Dickerson, Doc Long, Bernard Collins, B.i. DOUBLLE, Sonny Sunkett, Kim Pedro Rodriguez, Dan Blacksberg, Connor Przybyszewski, Frank Rein and others.


To download this mixtape and/or learn more about this series, CLICK HERE.


Sun Ra Mixtape 7 Images A


Sun Ra passed away in 1993, yet his influence and the audience for his work, as well as the work of the Sun Ra Arkestra under the direction of Marshall Allen, continue to grow. Sun Ra was a prolific composer and arranger, as well as a commanding bandleader, who managed to keep a big band and a record company together for decades. He utilized sophisticated, costuming, theatrics and cinematic techniques in his performances, 20 years before they became commonplace in popular music.


Sun Ra also pioneered the use of synthesizers and electronic instruments long before they became fashionable. His musical palette was broad enough to include the swing of Fletcher Henderson, to the minimalism of Post-WWII avant-garde composers, like John Cage. If you think Sun Ra was all about bright lights and pretty colors, you are in for a wild ride. Just listening to any of his compositions is a unique experience and examining his catalogue is an invaluable, “one of a kind “musical education. This mixtape series is an attempt to celebrate that enduring influence and to illuminate the continuing impact of those creative ideas.


Sun Ra Mixtape 7 Images B


PJP's Sun Ra Mixtape Series has featured some of the most progressive and visionary artists in the region. This diverse group of individuals come from various arts disciplines, musical genres and creative communities. They represent the visual and media arts, poetry and theater, dance and movement, as well as various musical genres. We want to extend a song of thanks and gratitude to each and every artist involved in this project. These participating artists include;

  • Vocalist - Tara Middleton
  • Guitarist - DmHotep aka David Middleton
  • Choreographer/Rapper - Raphael Xavier
  • Trumpeter - Paul Giess
  • Drummer - Alan Nelson
  • Saxophonist - Steve Gokh
  • Drummer - Kim Pedro Rodriguez
  • Poet/Writer - Leonard Belasco
  • Multimedia Artist - Sherman Fleming
  • Trumpeter - Paul Giess
  • Poet/Rapper - B.i. DOUBLLE
  • Hiphop Producer - Ras1
  • Trumpeter - Ryan T. Frazier
  • Bassist - Bert Harris
  • Pianist/Arkestra Member - Farid Barron
  • Saxophonist - Larry Price
  • Vocalist/Producer - Jacqueline Constance
  • Poet/Photographer - H. Alonzo Jennings
  • Bassist - Nimrod Speaks
  • Drummer - Kevin Diehl
  • Saxophonist - Nasir Dickerson
  • Vocalist - Kevin Valentine
  • Ensemble - Eye2Eye Trio
  • The Late Drummer - Samurai Celestial
  • Poet/Rapper - Chris Vance
  • Guitarist - Gerald “Twig” Smith
  • Poet/Writer - Doc Long
  • Poet/Painter - Bernard Collins
  • Trombonist - Dan Blacksberg
  • Trombonist - Connor Przybyszewski
  • Trombonist - Frank Rein
  • Trombonist - Brent White

  • Vocalist - Jakeya Sanders
  • Bassist - Sonny Sunkett
  • Saxophonist - Bobby Zankel
  • Ensemble - Urban Classique
  • Poet/Rapper - Darius Lantz
  • Poet/Rapper - Ram Riches
  • Drummer/Engineer - Gary Dann
  • Ensemble - Space Whale Orchestra
  • Multi-Media Artist - SkipTheSampler
  • Vocalist - Saudah Al Akbar
  • Vocalist - Bethlehem
  • Vocalist - Parris Love’
  • Poet/Rapper - Matt Swayzie
  • Producer/Rapper - DJ EAR2EAR
  • Guitarist - Dan Hanrahan
  • Multi-Media Artist - Taji Nahl
  • Hiphop Producer - Brian Thompson
  • Artificial Intelligence - HAL 2016
  • Producer/Remixer - June Lopez
  • Vocalist - Michael Andrews
  • Multimedia Artist - Taji Ra'oof Nahl
  • Sax/Arkestra Member - Terry Lawson
  • Hiphop/Dance Producer - Arckatron
  • Pianist/Vocalist - V. Shayne Frederick
  • Ensemble - West Phila Orchestra
  • Pianist - Alfie Pollitt
  • The Late Trombonist - Tyrone Hill
  • Poet/Producer/Remixer - El David
  • Ensemble - Defenders of the Republic
  • Saxophonist - Mike Cemprola
  • Percussionist - Gregg Mervine
  • Beatmaker - DJ Kid Charlemagne
  • Saxophonist/Poet - Elliott Levin
  • Playwright/Poet/Actress - Julia Lopez
  • Trumpeter/Arkestra Alumnus - Fred Adams
  • Vocalist - Ella Gahnt
  • Ensemble - BushMeat
  • Rapper & Hiphop producer - Twizzmatic
  • Multimedia Artist - Lloyd Lawrence
  • Hiphop producer - Brian Thompson
  • Vocalist - Lotus Barron
  • Poet/Playwright - Pheralyn Dove
  • Poet/Vocalist - Laura Olivera-Mejia
  • Poet - Yolanda Wisher
  • Poet - Lamont Dixon
  • Poet - Sandra Turner-Barnes
  • Trumpeter - Chris Stevens
  • Multi-Media Artist - Prof. Thomas Stanley
  • Violinist - Owen "Fiidla" Brown
  • Dancer/Producer - D. Sabela Grimes



To download this mixtape and/or learn more about this series, CLICK HERE.


Sun Ra Images 7-C


Special Thanks: The Sun Ra Estate, Irwin Chusid, Michael Anderson, J. Michael Harrison, James Solomon, Nija Walker, Bobby Zankel, Jay Levin, Agent Zero, Eric Bogacz, Alex Santilli, Gary Dann, Anthony Tidd, Dmani Lopez, Kim Pedro Rodriguez, Dan Blacksberg, V. Shayne Frederick, D.MHotep, Asha Jackson, Julia Lopez, Melissa Talley Palmer, Gail Fountaine, Stephanie Seiple and Rich Nichols.


For more information about Sun Ra:

Sun Ra Estate Website
Sun Ra Arkestra Website
Sun Ra Facebook
Mission Creep Sun Ra Resources
Pitchfork's Essential Sun Ra Music
The Sun Ra Music Archive
Perfect Sound Forever Sun Ra Article
University of Chicago Sun Ra Exhibit

Philadelphia Jazz Project is a sponsored project of the CultureWorks | Greater Philadelphia, with funding provided by The Wyncote Foundation

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Philadelphia Jazz Project is a sponsored project of the Culture Trust | Greater Philadelphia, with funding provided by The Philadelphia Foundation.