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Monster Bash


On Halloween night, Thursday, October 31st at 8pm and Friday, November 1st at 8pm at the Painted Bride Art Center, award winning arranger/trombonist, Steve Tirpak brings together some of Philly's most talented Jazz artists to scare the shhhhh%$@#! outta you, in a special Halloween performance, a monster bash called, "Boo!"

“The band is a 12 piece band, five in the rhythm section, three horns and vocalists,” says Tirpak. “It's going to be an exciting show—it's a lot of music, that’s for sure. I'm writing everyday and for many hours to try and flush all this out.”  The vocalists include the amazing Laurin Talese and Chartel Findlater. The horn section features Jay Webb, Dahi Divine and Jarred Antonacci.


Laurin Talese



Chartel Findlater



Jay Webb

The music for “Boo!” showcases the myriad decisions and inspirations that combine in the art of the arranger. “My first job was to pick the songs I really wanted to arrange,” Tirpak explains. “Then I had to choose an order, thinking about the overall flow and pace of the show. You want things to build and keep people’s attention. Then I had to create little interludes to connect the songs, composing little songs of my own to bridge the gaps between the songs.”

The scorching hot, rhythm section will definitely keep the energy high, with Eric Wortham on keyboards, Kevin Hanson on guitar, Steve Beskrone on bass, Charlie Patierno on percussion and drummer, Anwar Marshall.


Eric Wortham



Charlie Patierno



Steve Tirpak

Featuring a surprising array of Jazz, Blues, R&B and Hiphop tunes, like Snoop Dog's, "Murder Was The Case They Gave Me" to Wayne Shorter's "Witchhunt." Tirpak, is driven by the need to please his listeners. “I’m writing with the audience in mind,” he says. “Generally speaking, I’m trying to capture the essence of the song and be true to the artist. Especially when you’re working with hits – these songs are hits for a reason. You can be innovative, but make sure that what you’re doing is better than the original, if that’s even possible. I like to keep the roots of what makes the song special, and then when the moment arises do something a little out of the ordinary.”

So, check it out and don't forget to wear a costume.
The band will be wearing theirs and there will be prizes.
There will also be Food, Drinks, Dancing.

Halloween night, Thursday, October 31st at 8pm
Friday, November 1st at 8pm

Painted Bride Art Center
230 Vine Street, Philadelphia

For more information and to buy tickets visit the Bride's website at:
Bride Tickets & Info


Boo! is produced as a collaboration between the Philadelphia Jazz Project and the Painted Bride Art Center.



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