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Welcome to Philadelphia Jazz Project

Celebrating The Right Way

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You may not have noticed it, but in our zeal to celebrate John Coltrane's 90th birthday, we gave you the years of his 100th birthday.


We incorrectly wrote on our logo, 1916 - 2016.

It does now and should have read, 1926 - 2016.


Please forgive our haste. It was wrong. We made a mistake. It in no way speaks for our excitement, dedication, or respect for this legendary Philadelphian. We will do better.


Now, that we gotten that out of the way, make sure that you register for the events you want to attend. The EventBrite pages are busy with folks trying to get a space.


Remember, although these events are all FREE, you still have to register for a space.

And even with registration, you must come on time.

If you are late, you can lose a space.


Many thanks and again, please accept our apology for the error.


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PJP, in collaboration with Temple University Libraries, Charles L. Blockson Collection, WRTI, PhillyCAM, PA State Senator Vincent Hughes, Free Library of Philadelphia, Jazz Near You, Tri-State Indie, Boom Room Studios/Worldtown Sound System, City of Philadelphia, Office of Arts, Culture and Creative Economy, The Church of the Advocate, The Piazza At Schmidt's Commons, The Fire, Brewerytown Beats, Cratebeats Entertainment, Strawberry Mansion NAC, Fairmount Park Conservancy, East Fairmount Park Coalition, Philadelphia Parks & Recreation and Painted Bride Art Center.


The Coltrane At 90 Celebration was made possible by support from the The Wyncote Foundation / Philadelphia Jazz Project is a sponsored project of CultureTrust Greater Philadelphia, with funding provided by The Wyncote Foundation.



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If it hadn't been for him, there wouldn't have been none of us. I want to thank Mr. Louis Armstrong for my livelihood.
                    Dizzy Gillespie

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Philadelphia Jazz Project is a sponsored project of the Culture Trust | Greater Philadelphia, with funding provided by The Philadelphia Foundation.