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Welcome to Philadelphia Jazz Project

CALL - A Special CD Project

In early 2021, after the flames of the George Floyd murder and protests traveled around the globe, Kim Niemela, executive director of COSACOSA art at large, Inc. reached out to ask if Philadelphia Jazz Project would have an interest in participating in a new recording project. A NEA-funded project focused on the creation and sharing of new   Read More....

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V. Shayne Frederick - BlackLight

BlackLight is a soon to be released EP from Philadephia-based pianist, vocalist and poet, V. Shayne Frederick. This multi-talented artist began his formal musical study at Dartmouth College, and afterwards with the legendary Philadelphia organist, pianist, composer and vocalist Trudy Pitts. His informal musical study, however, began at birth. V.   Read More....

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Philly Jazz Quotes

Jazz is a phenomenon. …it's an element that was created that almost lacks definition. Because it's endless.
Trudy Pitts

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Philadelphia Jazz Project is a sponsored project of the Culture Trust | Greater Philadelphia, with funding provided by The Philadelphia Foundation.